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From Bump to Baby

Our stunning maternity bump to baby package is here to capture the all important fleeting moments that are all too easily missed. We provide the utmost care and comfort for you and your little ones whilst offering mum a little bit of relaxation and calm amongst the whirlwind of your first year together whilst capturing personal memories for you to remember how precious the first year of your child’s life is.

This special package consists of three sessions and includes our popular trifold folio with an image from each session.  Timing is absolutely critical in the first year, and as baby’s develop so quickly our recommended sessions are set to the following options.
1) Maternity Shoot. Come in and show off that gorgeous bump. we will go through a range of options and styles for you. You can bring your partner along or leave them at home either way these memories of carrying your child are so precious and deserve to be captured and remembered.
2) New born shoot. This is the all important, super cute new born session that can not be missed out on. Please head over to our bundles of joy page to learn more about this session and why it is SO important that it take place in the first ten days of your baby’s life.
3) Either 3 months or 6 months, this is entirely down to you and to your baby’s development.  Every single child is different and we find that 3 months and 6 months are both great options to capture changes in your child’s development. Only you know how crazy your schedule is or how much has changed over three to six months so we will call you 2 weeks before the third month to see where you are at, have a chat and decide what session you would like to book in for.
The latest we will do the final session is at 9 months, but would recommend the 6 month option to most of our customers.

The big reveal – After each of your sessions you will be invited back for a private viewing to see your images from the comfort of our dedicated viewing room. These images will be shown to you with background music for you to enjoy and take your time deciding what images you would like and what image is selected from the session to go into your trifold. We will make sure everything is taken care of so that you can treasure these early memories forever.

Once you have had all your sessions and picked all three images we will get the finished folio ready for you to collect within 4-6 weeks.  Any additional images ordered from the sessions follow our normal ordering procedure of 4-6 weeks from point of final payment. Customers on this package also receive an awesome 10% off our normal price list.

Top Tips on getting the best from your bump to baby session – Think about any special toys or fabrics that you have around the house that you would like to bring in and use in our studio to make the result more personal to you. Images containing that cute hat or the child’s very own blanket can really bring back great memories years later  making your image all that more special.

Plan your space – Look around your family home and which space you have on your walls that you would like to fill with your treasured photos, think about sizing and ideally how many photos you would like to come way with.  If it helps, feel free to take photos of your empty space so we can show you how your finished photo will look upon your very own walls.

To take advantage of the bump to baby session its a fantastic price of just £250 for all three sessions and a Trifold please call us on 01273 580 999

email us at

drop into our studio at the Meridian Centre, Peacehaven, East Sussex, BN10 8BB