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Bundles of Joy

The perfect moment to capture images of your new born at their snuggliest!

Bundles of joy baby shoots are perfect within the first two weeks (10 days) of your baby’s life and they really are a special memory to treasure forever.  It is at these shoots that Kirstie manages to capture those extra cute photos of your baby, when they are naturally still curled up from being born.

To get the best out of these baby shoots we suggest you bring a blanket or toy that means a lot to you and will be staying with your baby as they grow.

Kirstie understands the importance of needing a relaxed, warm atmosphere and has props that she can provide on your shoot to give you the extra ‘ahh factor’

Please note, it is really important that we capture these images of your new born within the first 10 days as anything after your baby’s soft cartilage will start to fuse and ossify turning to bone, Kirstie will not do any of the cute wrapped up, curled up or “frog” poses with babies over 10 days and asks that you please not ask any other photographer to do so. We LOVE the cute snuggled up photos and love creating them for you but at the end of the day your precious little bundles safe development

The big reveal – You will be invited back for a private viewing to see your images from the comfort of our dedicated viewing room. These images will be shown to you with background music for you to enjoy and take your time deciding what you would like to do with your first images of your new baby. We will make sure everything is taken care of so that you can treasure these early memories forever.

Plan your space – Look around your family home and which space you have on your walls that you would like to fill with your treasured photos, think about sizing and ideally how many photos you would like to come way with.  If it helps, feel free to take photos of your empty space so we can show you how your finished photo will look upon your very own walls.

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