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Pet Pals

A session for the furry (or scaly) members of the family, this photo shoot is all about that special bond you share with your pets.

We love to get the family pets involved in our photo shoots, as well as creating beautiful pet portraits of the animals themselves. Get your kids and the rest of the family to join in as well so we can capture a truly lasting memory of the bond with these special family members.

Kirstie will work with you to take a selection of photos that really bring out the personality of your pet, but you may also like to bring along a couple of props such as a favourite toy or their bed. Also don’t forget to pack the treats to help coax them into playing along. Just please bear in mind that Kirstie will need to be in control of these treats just the same as she is in control of children’s treats in normal session. Pets, just like the kids behave very differently with their family than they do in the controlled studio environment and are even more likely than kids to pick up on any stress or anxiety you show.  Relax, have fun and let kirstie take the reigns.

We have a spacious studio for your pets to run about, bring treats, balls, toys etc. if dogs start to get bored we can always take them to the park and do some location shoots around there.

Please note that animals can not be brought in through the meridian centre on foot – if not carrying your animal then we have a back door to let you in to the studio and will show you how to access this when you book with us.

The big reveal – You will be invited back for a private viewing to see your images from the comfort of our dedicated viewing room. These images will be shown to you with background music for you to enjoy and take your time deciding on which images are your favourites.

To book in for your pet pals photographic session please call us on 01273 580 999

email us at

drop into our studio at the Meridian Centre, Peacehaven, East Sussex, BN10 8BB

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