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Studio Experience – families, friends, kids or just fabulous you

We  offer you a unique experience that is friendly, relaxed and achieves nice natural photos of you,your family or your friends.

We can capture images of any size groups from individual photos to extended family, friends and pets, we have even managed to pack a family group of 25 members in to our studio before, with great results.

Kirstie is hugely experienced in capturing each member of your family’s personality and bringing out your unique family dynamic. She will work hard to capture your special moments leaving you with a memory which lasts forever.

When you book in for your session with us we will provide you with tips and tricks to get the best from your photo shoot.  We advise you to arrive 10 minutes early so that you can have a chat with a member of our team and relax a bit before being taken through to our studio.

Once in the studio, the fun begins!  Kirstie likes to capture natural photographs for you so this is all about bringing out your personality in front of the camera from family jokes to messing around with children’s toys the whole experience is created to make you feel comfortable and to provide you with images for you to treasure forever.

Once Kirstie is satisfied that she has captured a range of varied pictures for you, you will be invited back to our studio to come and watch your preview slide and select which images you would like.

The big reveal – You will be invited back for a private viewing to see your images from the comfort of our dedicated viewing room. These images will be shown to you with background music for you to enjoy and take your time deciding on which images are your favourites.

Top Tips on getting the best from your studio experience – Think about any special toys or hobbies that have a special meaning to you and would like to bring in and use in our studio to make the result more personal to you. So far we have had a child bring in  their drum set, and a dad bring in his motorbike! This can really bring back great memories years later  making your image all that more special.

Plan your space – Look around your family home and which space you have on your walls that you would like to fill with your treasured photos, think about sizing and ideally how many photos you would like to come way with.  If it helps, feel free to take photos of your empty space so we can show you how your finished photo will look upon your very own walls.

To book your studio session you can either drop in, give us a call on 01273 580 999 or email us at